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BFB characters, and their voice actors! (With Pictures!)
DISCLAIMER: While a majority of them do, some of the characters' voice actors don't actually have pictures of themselves online. At least not that I know of. So don't be surprised if you see a few question marks under the person's name. With that being said, I hope you enjoy the rest of the video, and please leave a like if you do! Alexander Hamilton 2 comes next
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The First Line Every BFB Character Ever Said (Old)
Not including terms like "Woah," "Whee," "Huh," or things like that.
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One Second from Every Episode of BFDI (As of BFB 12)
Okay. Most of these aren’t exactly 1 second long. I just needed something to upload.
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All Endings in the BFDI Series (As Of BFB 12)
This video contains all the episode endings (stingers,) in BFDI, BFDIA, IDFB, and BFB. Enjoy the video!
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The First Line Every BFB Character Said! (Fixed)
The sad thing is that there are probably still mistakes
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BFB Analysis: Whatever Happened to Saw?
(I'm sorry if the mixing is really bad. I'm quite inexperienced) I finally made it! In the first ever BFB analysis video, I will be discussing Saw's disappearance, disproving popular theories, and coming up with a couple of my own. Please leave a like if you enjoyed the video! And subscribe if you want to be up to date with more of these. Peace!
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The Top Seven Most Dramatic/Intense moments in BFB (As of BFB 12)
BFB is created by JacknJellify: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeKLuqGciqZZ5RFYk5CbqXg
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BFB Official Soundtrack
DISCLAIMER: This video doesn't contain every single song used in BFB. I have intentionally left out unclean rips, and songs that just aren't released. I also might have forgotten a few tracks, so I'm sorry if that's the case. With that being said, I hope you enjoy all the music in this video! TRACKLIST: 0:00 - Music of Four's 3D hand 1:06 - Lade 2:07 - Ballers 5:28 - Widge 6:57 - How a Future House Bass is Made 8:16 - Hush 11:15 - Branchless 14:45 - Bnob 16:10 - Septagon 17:59 - Jonkie 18:56 - Cullen House 19:38 - Cake at Stake theme 19:50 - Lickie 21:58 - Night Mote 22:52 - Hit it 23:53 - Minutes 24:18 - Chorkey 26:09 - Trants 27:21 - Flop 28:23 - Chapter Complete 32:48 - Cool Mote 34:07 - Lade (Underground) 35:09 - Firey Underwear 36:49 - Season Coming to an End
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All Cake at Stake Ceremonies in BFB (As of BFB 12)
Just a quick video I put together to make up for my lack of recent content
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If Sotp Sign was in BFB 3 (Fanmade Squeakquel)
Cutoff Prevention Based off of Alexlion0511's Sotp Sign Videos He bae
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Battle FoF elttaB (BFB Intro Mirrored)
Oopsie Daily
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Put Cushion in Survivor Goiky
This is the worst video on my channel
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This is BFB (Childish Gambino X Michael Huang)
This is some dumb mashup I made, where I combine This is America by Childish Gambino, and Ballers by Michael Huang (Used in the BFB soundtrak. I hope you enjoy!
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"Object" Irony 1b: I'm on a boat!
oopsie daisy doodles Another episode of the worst series ever
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Casual's BFB Prediction
My prediction for the 4th season of BFDI, as of 3/20/18 Music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ziCIdk42Yk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ym8NURjFWKs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ICFY8XvZIU https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jmv5pTyz--I
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A BFB 12 Scene, But it's Badly Remade with Clip Art
Oh god whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
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jUmP sUiT jUmP sUiT cOvEr mE
why tho
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do you even want to know
This video is thanks to some weird reply I gave a comment on one of my videos.
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"Object" Irony 1a: Logan Paul Is An Atheist
Keep in mind that this show is meant to be a joke. I made it in like, one day and I wanted it to be the worst thing ever. So don't hate or I kill u with clickbait. Episode 1b out on April 10th.
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I got my first (and probably last) fan video!
Here's the fan video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=63O-uuleBWs And the original: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PspQsKQQTHw Thank you so much, Maki 1980! I really appreciate the effort you put into this!
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"Object" Irony Episode 3a: Setting the Stage (Part 1)
Once again, sorry for both the late episode, and the multi-parter. I only had about half of the episode finished, and it was already past the deadline anyways. If you really want to stay updated, follow my Twitter! @AtticusIsThere Oops, I just made a shameless plug! Here's a link! https://twitter.com/AtticusIsThere lol i'm rambling
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Which of my videos will reach 40,000 views first?
Vote on your smartphones now!
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Twenty One Pilots - "Pet Cheetah" Parody
not ckiclbait
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621 Subscribers!
Hell yeah
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Videos coming in the next week
Just a quick ramble about what’s coming up
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cinnamon roll
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Cat on Sugar
Based off of Kyosauke SENPAI NOTICED YOU AND's video, "Cell on sugar"
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Read Description
This is an exceptionally pointless video. There's absolutely no point to this video. All it does is waste four seconds of your life four entire seconds. Think about it, it's still wasting time in your life you could have done something else with those four seconds. You're wasting even more time reading this description. You should probably click off of this tab. You know, before you waste anymore time. Because this is an exceptionally long description. I hardly think anyone is going to watch this video. For those who do, be careful what you do with your time because guess what? You're probably wasting a full minute reading this description. That is much more time than you expected to be on this video. Much much more time. Go back up, your auto play is probably waiting for you to play the next video. Why don't you let it do that? Instead of reading this description. Personally, I would do that. There's nothing more in this description, but me lecturing you about how you're wasting your time. I mean I don't want you to wait 30 minutes of your life to get nothing out of it. But I guess you hardly seem to care if you're on YouTube all day, why does it matter? You might think you're wasting your time, but if you're wasting all your time watching a video for the millionth time in a row on YouTube, you shouldn't be complaining about this. After all, at least this is new to you. At least exploring something new, instead of doing the same thing. I probably sound really stupid saying this, I just wanted to. Enjoy your life that I just took two minutes from.
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400 SUBSCRIBERS! (New Series Announcement!)
Once again, this video was completely improvised
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shitposting to fill in the gap
Oops. I promise an actual video will come out by Tuesday.
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"Object" Irony 2: Is Fortnite Still Relevant?
oopsie daisy doodles Another episode of the worst series ever
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Remaking CatCast to Help with My Clinical Depression
I don't even know why I made this. It's not funny, the voices are annoying, and the drawings are awful. Probably because CatCast got deleted for some reason, my life just isn't the same. Somebody please help me. I have a microphone. I'm just not using it for some reason.
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Why haven’t I been uploading videos lately?
Just a quick explanation as to why my upload schedule has been so slow lately This video was completely improvised, so don’t expect perfect speech or grammar out of me
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