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Homestuck Shipping Theme Songs Part 1
I'm not even sorry. All art and music belongs to the talented individuals who created it. Homestuck belongs to Andrew Hussie. Who also possesses my soul at the moment.
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Homestuck Shipping Theme Songs Part 2
Part II of my endeavor through nerdgasm after nerdgasm All fanart belongs to respective artists Characters belong to Hussie Lack of life belongs to me
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Homestuck Shipping Theme Songs Part 4
All work and music belongs to rightful owners I'm very sorry, I am aware of my intense levels of trash
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Homestuck Kids Theme Songs
Upon request from my good friend Satan, I'm uploading more theme songs! The Alternia trolls will be next, then Beforus, followed by Ancestors and potentially the cherubs. All of the fan-fucking-tastic artwork belongs to the incredible, talented, hardworking artists, and the music used is not owned or promoted by me. Basically, I am a pathetic individual who enjoys others' talents.
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Homestuck Shipping Theme Songs Part 5 (REUPLOAD)
Reuploaded for audio issues
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Homestuck Shipping Theme Songs Part 3
Hahahahahahaha *fangirling contentedly over first 40 seconds of my own video* Yesssssssssss Nothing belongs to me Art to artists Music to musicians Death to Hussie etc, etc
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Cover-Cmon by P!ATD
I can't sing lmao In honor of #nationalsuicidepreventionday Music and lyrics belong to Panic! at the Disco
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Homestuck Shipping Theme Songs Part 6
You know the drill Fucking 6 of em that's right this is what my life is now As always, nothing belongs to me, cuz I'm a talentless prick who does this shit instead of anything original or creative Woohoo This video is strictly for entertainment purposes No monetization Credit to artists and uh artists Yeah Thanks
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If you or someone you know is the owner of one of these pictures, please comment below and I'll make sure to credit you by name :P Music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2OqigCz2S1w
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7sc belongs to Dan and Phil
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If you see this.....
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Be More Gay[TM] Act I
alternately titled: hi i'm not fucking funny (made with plotagon because why the fuck not yknow)
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