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Zoro Sanji funny moment | one piece funny scenes
Zoro get roasted by sanji and ussop over his direction sense. Sanji A slave of love A scene from sabaody archipelago arc Ep. Reference - 391
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Sea kings wondering why luffy and Roger can hear their voices
Sea king talking among themselves and speculating that luffy can hear their voices. They also remember about another human Gol d Roger that could hear their voices too . Episode reference - 568
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Luffy reveal his alliance with Law to his crew | One piece funny scenes
Luffy form an alliance with Law to kill Kaido . In the video Luffy reveal his alliance with Law to his crew . One piece funny scenes .
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How strawhats manage food before sanji joined the crew | One piece funny scenes
A report on how the strawhats manage food or what kind of food they eat before sanji joined the crew. One piece funny scenes. Ep. Reference - One piece : strawhat theatre Ep.2 Straw Hat Theater is made up of five shorts that aired alongside One Piece episodes 279 through 283 in October 2006. They are based on Oda Eiichiro's side comics that were drawn when he was given three sheets of blank paper by his editor and told to draw anything.
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One piece funny scenes | Strawhats stealing clothes from brownbeard pirates
Strawhats suffering from extreme cold forcefully take their clothes to keep themselves warm. One piece funny scenes. Episode reference - 586
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Nami blackmail Zoro on loan | One peice funny scenes
On whiskey peak island Zoro get the reward offer on saving Vivi . He rejects the offer but Nami accepts it. Nami then blackmail Zoro to save Vivi and reminds him that he owe her money. Poor Zoro .One peice funny scenes. Episode reference- 66
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One peice funny scenes | Strawhats kids version in movie Z
Strawhats discussing on how to defeat z and gets their body back to normal . Sanji wants to observe how Nami grow from kid to an adult and Zoro calls that dream disgusting. Ussop teases robín over her age Episode reference - One piece movie 12 Z
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One piece funny scenes | Nami hit Sanji for playing with her Doppelganger
Nami hit Sanji when Sanji plays with with Nami's Doppelganger (small ) . One piece funny scenes. It's a filler episode. Episode reference - 382
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One piece funny scenes | Garp tell Luffy about his father
Vice admiral garp tells Luffy about Monkey D dragon and reveal him that dragon is his father. One piece funny scenes. Ep. Reference - 314
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How luffy wake up people | Nami's way of explaining | One piece funny scenes
Luffy's way of waking his friends. How Nami explains situation to people. One piece funny scenes. Episode - 67
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Attacks of general Franky | One piece funny scenes
After the first time introduction of general Franky in the anime , General Franky shows his several attacks against enemies . One piece funny scenes. Episode reference - 557
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One piece funny scenes | foxy pirate returns | Luffy's stupidity
One of the most funniest scenes in Anime One piece. Although being filler episode it shows Luffy's stupidity in a perfect manner. Foxy pirate returns with their crooked method and their caption Foxy makes complete use of Luffy's stupidity. EPISODE Reference - 226
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Luffy saving Nami from Buggy | One piece funny scenes
Buggy the Clown try to take his treasure back from Nami by killing her. Luffy saves Nami by stopping Buggy. One piece funny scenes. Ep. Reference - 8
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Jinbei helps Luffy and Nami escape from book
Jinbei helps Luffy and Nami escape from Montd'OR's book. Luffy then savea Nami from the fire. One piece episode 819
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Ace, Sabo try to kill Luffy | One piece funny scenes
Ace and sabo try to kill Luffy. when Luffy found the location of Ace and Sabo's secret treasure. Ep. Reference - 494
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Dress-code  of Dressrosa island | Luffy fight momonosuke | One piece funny scenes
Luffy fight against momonosuke . Sanji , Brook become happy after listening dress-code of Dressrosa Island. One piece funny scenes. EP. Reference - 630
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Legendary captain buggy introduce himself to the world | One piece funny scenes
Even after being a member of the most famous pirate crew and working under the pirate king he is still unknown to the world. Now to get recognition , captain buggy introduced himself to the world through snail transmission. Ep. Reference -471
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Ultra instinct Goku vs Kefla | Goku's final kamehameha
Goku vs Kefla Ep. Reference - 116
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One piece funny scenes | Hancock's fantasy
One piece funny scenes . Boa Hancock fantasies luffy and herself. Episode reference - 418
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Roger ask garp to take care of his child | One piece
Gold Rogers tell garp to take care of his unborn child. Ep. Reference - 360
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Zoro begs mihawk to train him | One piece important moments
Zoro begs mihawk to train him during time skip. Ep. Reference -515
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One piece opening song 14 ' We fight together '
One piece opening song 14 ' we fight together ' Ep. References ~ 493 - 516
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One piece episode 808 ending song | strawhat journey
Ending song of episode 808 of one piece. It's not exactly ending song , it was just a special song for that episode to display Sanji journey and adventure in strawhat. As the episode was tributes to Sanji , it can be considered a song dedicated to Sanji. Ep. Reference - 808 ( given in title )
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Luffy's hero theory | Luffy defines a hero work
Luffy defines the word hero and gave an example what hero will do in the given situation. One piece funny scenes. Ep reference - 554
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Hordy challenges straw hat pirates | Hordy's Declaration
Captain Hordy challenges the whole strawhats and declare that he will conquer the whole earth . Episode reference - 554
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One piece opening 20 | ' Hope '
One piece latest opening song Title - ' Hope ' Ep. Reference ~ 808 - latest episode
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Jiren's real identity | secret of ultra instict
This is fanbase theory about the real identity of jiren . Jiren whose strength and identity is mysterious. Also the theory also try to guess the secrets of Goku's new ultra instict form. Ref. Episode - 108,109
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One piece opening 8 | Crazy rainbow
One piece opening song 8 Title - ' Crazy rainbow ' Ep. Reference ~ 284-325
Views: 193 Otaku's Life

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