Videos uploaded by user “NIc K”
DCUO PC Dream Team legends pvp
Murder Mitten, Mazun, Psycho, Wounded, and Eddy playing legends getting it done on Dcuo
Views: 53 NIc K
Dcuo Police station raid by Wicked Clownz
This went on for almost an hour with none of us dying and the heroes seemingly giving up.
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DCUO Wicked Clownz scrimmage: Murder vs Mazun
Murder Mitten VS Mazun. Wicked Clownz Scrimmage
Views: 109 NIc K
Wicked Clownz Scrimmage between Mazun and Murder Mitten
Me and Mazun again.
Views: 47 NIc K
Wicked Clownz Scrimmage for fun 4v4 legends
Just us having fun with a legends scrimmage
Views: 55 NIc K
Wicked Clownz Scrimmage Mazun vs Murder
Mazun beating on Murder Mitten for the 85th time with Zod
Views: 33 NIc K

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