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This is another issue we are facing as a community! Why does the word "bottom" have such a negative label to it!!! Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE!!!
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Coming Out Story: Gay Middle Eastern Man
My coming out story as a Gay Middle Eastern man. I hope my story and point of view help, inspire and motivate other gay men to love who they are and never give up. Please make sure to subscribe! Thank you all and remember... Your success is the best revenge.
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How to be the Perfect TOP and BOTTOM
Disclaimer: Prep is a pill some take to prevent HIV. It does not prevent the contraction of STI's. I am HIV Negative and I am very cautious on who I have casual encounters with. Please use a condom it is not worth the stress, anxiety and panic. Anyways, this is MY opinion on what makes the PERFECT Top or Bottom. Take note Boys! may even apply to some females... Make sure to SUBSCRIBE!!!
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Why I Hate being Gay
This video is not a click bait and it is the reason and only reason why I hate being gay and part of the gay community. You may hate what I say and hit that "dislike" button right off the bat but all I ask is for you to hear me out and take into consideration the opinion of someone who has experienced life in the "gay bubble" first hand. Thank you and don't forget to subscribe 🙏🏽
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BIG Dick is a Blessing and a Curse
Everyone thinks having a big package is the best thing in the world. This Vlog is to show the world the negative side of being well endowed. Hope you enjoy it and remember to SUBSCRIBE Guys! I'm trying to reach 100 subscribers to create my own link!
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Racism on Gay Apps
Racism & prejudice has been a HOT Topic on dating apps especially among the Gay Community! Here's my thoughts... and Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE!!!! For custom made Jewelry like my bracelet in the vlog... Contact: @Doreen_Pike (Twitter)
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Things I HATE
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