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Floor is lava Animatic
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My voice levels
It was inspired by WolfyChu from showing her voice levels. And I am still making the animation memes.... So for killing you guy's time I made this smol video X3
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Oh yeah meme Collab w/彥穎李Li
She is an amazing animator, subscribe her! 彥穎李Li: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVEg8LO1N3Ubk-yq1Jfu4yA
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Every time I try to make real life vids
OML this took me a long way to do this XD
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Worms meme
Remember to red the warning. That's the most important part
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I'm a mess 120+ special
Is a request doe XD I kinda got lazier then used the sketches instead of draw on it XD
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Fade Stray and Fell!Papyrus
Is a fan art and an apology photograph Jenny meme MIGHT upload at tomorrow at least 15/12,pls be patient
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Lions College Yellow House Cheering Team
I am so..... happy I guess?Is my first time to go to the sport day since primary 1 until now(except 2 times at P.3 and P.6 at school) but I didn't know that sport day is so much fun and so many athletes are good at long run!I did the sprint and it just because I run not in time so I get the last place and I was so close to the No.7 and No.6 girls! Record by:???(teacher btw) S.1 people and some. More year people is in the Cheering team
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Short MV part one
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Fallen youth animatic meme
SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! It was supposed to be a little bit longer but I'm too lazy XD Animatic's story: It's about my SUPER ORIGINAL OC (since it's been 3 years since the day I made her) origins, it's just in a current setting of her. All humans in there HAVE powers and magics (which makes sense why le house burn suddenly burn). Half animals back then is not allowed to show at the human's village. But the nice woman broke the rules and married to a half cat man. The villagers starts to think she is no longer allow to be there even she is kind to everyone. So they fight and try to kill the family alive. Of course, after found out what their chilldren's amazing powers, a man who creates potions puts them in their personal jail and test them for years and years. Until they broke out and live for more than 5 centuries. There are more about that, I will show you all once I finish the LONG ANIMATION!
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Everything about what Rice Gum did to Hong Kong citizens
I'm angry This joke from him is suck What was he thinking Am I can't speak English because I'm HK Shame on him Shame on the people who agrees what he did This is trash bag gum Up to the sign. Can't read?! People who thinks he did good. Ffffffff I am not happy about what he done Done with it Line up all the first letter. Edit: Those are my expressions and as a Hong Kong Secondary School junior forms student that doesn't care about Hong Kong much. This is the first time I feel angry about people making fun of Hong Kong!
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Catch me meme
Too lazy to finish it XD
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Aviel Aguas the roblox friend
good job you got chosen
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It's a vent of my OC. She has emotion problems and some killing problems :P Enjoy this video and remember about reading the warning
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Rise and shine meme (2019 special)
Happy late 2019
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Me In different games and AUs (part 1)
I am sick but I still wake up late for upload this video
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The zombie song (animatic + chinese subtitles)
It's Halloween soon. I can't celebrate it so u make an animatic instead. And it's a thank you video for my friend that doesn't care much about what I am. He still be my friend ^^
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Anybody else meme
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Happy Pills meme
Too lazy to finish the whole animation
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Random gaming =^.^=
lolol im trolling people as baldi basics Enjoy yourself and watch this video
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Solo meme[] Flipaclip
Lazy meme and I wanna kill myself after I did it, it tool me forEVEE
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It's been so long ever since last live stream Warning: There are lots of lag and since my computer got viruses so there might have EROTIC pictures or random ads appears. Please forgive me UwU According this video it is with the language, English and Cantonese, so don't worry if you don't understand English UwU
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Creepy Blacky (I'm one of her subscriber)
Just a speed paint
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Wanna play meme
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GRRRLS meme (Chinese translations)
Lazy! I give up!
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Pick a flower meme (as an apologize, I upload this old animation)
I had an nightmare yesterday actually, when I wake up, my chest was in pain but is better after a few minutes. My nightmare about what happens if I am not a Christian because my life changed when I became one. It turns out if I didn't become one, my life will be bad, being spank everytime, I hurt lots of people and harm myself. Or even will cause a lot of troubles. When I die,I will go straight to hell. But then it has a button for a second chance. So I pressed it. So I woke up at around 13:10(AKA 1:10 P.M.). I'm so glad that I became one and it changed my dad's personality. Dad and I are cool now.
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DDLC!!! (full game play/demo(?))
Warning: This video is NOT for children (age: below 13) to watch, there might have false language and lesbian (cus im a girl :P) scene. This video will also have lag and no sound playing. Enjoy the video UwU
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Skribbl.io #1
Warning: this video has lags, false language and a bad guesser (me) so please don't judge me, im just an ordinary artist qwq EXTRA!!: You are allowed to join the server as long as you are well behaved (link: http://skribbl.io/?pakwCSoDtAlKzAyUF7Ux ) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This video has rules, that's why I said 'well behaved' 1. No ruining the hapiness 2. You are allowed to swear (as long as it is not sexual) 3. If you are a hater, that's fine. BUT if you are a hater that being mean to anyone, you will have to be forced to get KICKED FROM YOUR BUTT! 4. Enjoy yourself 5. Follow the rules! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you like this video, leave it a like. Want to be friends and never miss my videos, subscribe. Want your friends to get a new friend, share ^^ Because everyone around is wellcome! (EXCEPT MEAN PPL!!! qwq)
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Glitchtale Bette Noir teen age version
I don't own try music so do NOT say I use it without permission
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Yandere sim!#7
i promised .-.
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Copycat meme(gift for some of the animators :3)
ft:scootaloo love sans,sky the nightguard,Татьяна Vaskovtale,spark bot,powerpuff freak,sleepy kinq,stariaat,gold box
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Fantasize meme
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Warning: This Video MIGHT have false language and is really supper laggy. I suggest young audience to not watch this video, unless you don't mind at all. ====================================================== Collab with Frisk The Flirter.
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Panic pills ft my boy friend (READ DESCRIPTION!)
Hi, you probably saw a Ralsei fangirl uploaded the same video as I am uploading now, but I have to admit that she's me... So if you are gonna say "Icy, she stole your video!" Well ok, fine... So I STOLE my own video BFORE I upload this video... Weird? Well not weird once you see the video from Rittana Ralsei's Fangirl. Go to that channel then you will see we both have the same art style and the video I just uploaded will have the similar description (explaining stuff)
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Melody Meme
Cringe and edgy Meme is here guys :/
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im bored...lets talk
have fun guys,and please,dont break rules ----------------------------------------------------------------------- RULES 1:no swearing 2:no rumours 3:no fighting in words and language 4:no jude people 5:FOLLOW THE FREAKING RULES PLS!!!
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my new video
im so happy that maybe you are the first guy that watch my video :3 friends(maybe not): JackPaulGaming2017https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbfk93L9l09h3JeSUt7gPOQ) vincent the fox(https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYKAll5YobojGWPD4hX7NLw) ,maggie cc(,https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLRrMiLhpt-BZBA1qNt851A) 鬼神幽魂(https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClyjXsVXhq7dBwi45PsnBGQ)(others forgot the names ;P)
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Dirty Mind meme
我以「YouTube 影片編輯器」建立了這部影片 (http://www.youtube.com/editor)
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Boom x4 meme
Warning:cringy and loud for head phone's volume Lesson: NEVER EVER TOUCH FANGIRL'S FAV CHARS!
Views: 57 Icy Catty
yandere sim!!!#2
I'm bored so...ye :T
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Redraw 2016 art 1
It's my grade 5 art so yeah. It sucks XD
Views: 51 Icy Catty
Sad! Meme (not a vent but it's just very XD)
Oc (C) by me I don't own the music (I swear to god, if YouTube block this video then I'm cry)
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Pause meme (Collab with Rittana Ralsei's Fangirl)?!
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Silk meme
I Don't Own The MEWSIC! Video des:I tried my best even worse than I use to make Like to lemme know u luv it, comment for telling me your opinion, subscribe for being my fan or my friend!
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The Dark Mage
Oc (or actually its a persona): Icy [(C) = Chara's property!] Music: Fight Okay (both is from tokyo machine) Used: Fire Alcapa Mouse (squeek XD) movie maker bio: some of you might already know that my character's original setting is a Mage/Princess (now is a scientist since i am great at biology XD) , but i just want to tell that THIS is a flipping reference of my setting at roblox Kingdom Life||TM (my fav game that i learned about english owq) because my character in there is a black mage uwu. I really hope you love the speed paint because im pretty much just bored as heck.
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Dangerous MAP 21
Edd may be gone,but his WORLS will keep spinning
Views: 73 Icy Catty
Yandere sim!#10
You can ask me something about if that Yandere sim can do that or not, give me some glitches to try or request me something you want at yandere sim :3 But don't ask me to play other games except it would be fun.
Views: 193 Icy Catty
I wanna be like you meme (ft zakblazer, Shanon-san, sir fluff, Yin Wing Li Li)
Oh godb I'm perfectly out of ideas in the middle
Views: 94 Icy Catty
Yandere sim!#10 (maybe?I lost the counts XD)
1.Request me or challenges are super acceptable 2.No yelling at each others 3.Do NOT ask me to play other games 4.Enjoy yourself and if you are bored, please don't make the game bored too --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Welp, if you like this. Please like and subscribe to be my friend, turn on the notification for not missing any animations or other kids of videos ^^
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