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My Make-A-Wish Trip to Hollywood|| AJ Chance
Thank you so much Make A Wish Foundation and every kind person that helped my wish come true! Subscribe, comment, like, share :)
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Everyday Struggles When You're A Germaphobe || AJ Chance
Hi everyone! Thanks so much for watching! If you enjoyed watching this for some deranged reason, then hit the subscribe button! I post videos at least once a month (: Follow meh: Snapchat: amberchick11 Younow: Younow.com/AJChance
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Seasons.. music video || AJ Chance
Over the past 6+ years Greyson Chance has been my favourite artist and the other day, he made an instagram post coming out as gay. I am so incredibly proud of him for embracing his true self. This song feels as though it acts as a turning point in his life and he no longer has to worry about his past and he can finally be who he is without fear. My brother and I decided to make this video in honour of Greyson and how much happiness his music has brought to us and the other Enchancers. Thank you for everything Greyson. ~AJ Subscribe, comment, share!! Hope to see you next time. Thank you for watching :)
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A year of skating in 2 minutes || AJ Chance
Thanks for watching !! Subscribe, like, share! Song: Take It Easy- MBB Audio from: Audio Library- No Copyright Music Filmed by: Ibo Nasir & Jett OH Edited by: Amber Jade OH Starring: Amber Jade OH These videos were all from my first year of learning how to skate, so I can't really do any tricks or anything and none of the boards I have are meant for tricks so this video is mostly just me cruising around in different skate spots I found within Waterloo region. A By Chance Production ™
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Charlie Charlie Challenge || AJ and Emily
In this video, me and my friend Emily decided to try out the Charlie Charlie Challenge. We discovered that Charlie is a girl and they aren't Mexican- well according to this challenge. Hope you enjoyed this video! I upload a video each month so subscribe for more videos, I post covers, challenges, skits and comedy.
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Daniel Skye Cover Song Contest #sing4daniel || AJ Chance
Hey thanks for watching! Subscribe if you liked this video :) Follow my Instagram/twitter: artsyyamber Vine: AJ Chance Kik: aj_chance
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The Weird Side of Wish.com || AJ Chance
Hey YOU, thanks for watching! Subscribe for more content! I am AJ, an 18 year old Canadian film student and aspiring screenwriter. Follow me on instagram to see more of meee @pastel_punk & @bychanceprod I swear I'll actually start uploading regularly.. one day. Thanks to Wish.com for existing, and Audio Free Music Library on Youtube for providing me with the music I used in this video. Check out their channel, they have tons of copyright free music!
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Teenage shenanigans || AJ Chance
Just a short video my friend and I shot today while adventuring through the Uni in our city. Filmed at: University of Waterloo. Subscribe for more content like this !! A 2017 By Chance Production ™
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A Birthday Present for Greyson Chance from Enchancers Worldwide
In honour of Greyson turning 20, I contacted Greyson fans from all over the world and asked them to submit videos about why they love Greyson's music and how he has inspired them over the years. Thank you to everyone who participated in this project!! Check out some of my other videos if you would like 😊 A By Chance Production ™
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Storytime: I almost died at a carnival! || AJ Chance
Thanks for watching! Subscribe, Comment, Like, Share etc. love you all! Social media: Younow.com/AJCHANCE Instagram.com/artsyamber Snapchat: amberchick11
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Our version of Jaws the movie || AJ and Nicole
Hope you like this crazy video! Like if it made you laugh :) Subscribe for more videos like this one? Check out my other social media stuffff Vine/Younow: AJ Chance Snapchat: amberchick11 Kik: aj_chance
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The Newly Friend Game! || AJ and Kaylee
Hey guys thanks for watching! Subscribe and come back next week for another video! Follow mee: Instagram.com/artsyamber Younow.com/AJCHANCE Subscribe to Kaylee and watch her Hedley video! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLtKq7FHSuGLoZuLroq_itA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xWpyxOFFW5U
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Discussing Gender, Sexuality & Women || AJ Chance
Hey, thanks for watching! Hope you enjoyed this video! Things got serious after we stopped laughing 😂😜 Here is the link to Leon's video: https://youtu.be/UlnTmSKHeEc Instagram.com/artsyamber Younow.com/AJCHANCE
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Moving On || AJ Chance
Thanks for watching! I'm not rlly sure what this video is, but I was sick so thought I might as well do something fun with my time! Subscribe, comment, like, share! It helps me out a lot. Love u guys! Follow meh: Instagram.com/artsyamber Younow.com/AJCHANCE
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My first Q and A || AJ Chance
In this video, I answer your questions from my instagram account and youtube messages. Thanks for the questions. Hey thanks for watching! Hit the like button and subscribe for videos every other Saturday! Vine/Younow: AJChance Twitter: grexygreysongal My Blog: ajtheartsyfartsy.blogspot.com
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My First Time Tag || AJ Chance
This is the first video I ever posted with just me on my channel! Music- I'm so fancy Karaoke. Hey thanks for watching! Hit the like button and subscribe for videos every other Saturday! Vine/Younow: AJChance Twitter: grexygreysongal My Blog: ajtheartsyfartsy.blogspot.com
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I Lived || OneRepublic || Music Video
A music video I made for my tech class :) Enjoy!! Edited & directed by: Amber Owens Camera operators: Ibo Nasir and Amber Owens Starting: Emily Fishman, Ibo Nasir and Amber Owens
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Responding to my year ago self || AJ Chance
Sorry that this video is wayyy too long! It was originally more than a half hour but i condensed it as much as I could (: Thx for watching! Links that I mentioned in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dSTRTv0xVlU https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bY4OJBGBOY4
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Summer Favourites! (Movies, Music, Makeup and More!) || AJ Chance
Thanks for watching! Here are the links I talked about in this video: My Spotify: https://play.spotify.com/user/12182961083 Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/artsyamber/ Snapchat: amberchick11 Youtubers I talked about: https://www.youtube.com/c/mekkk https://www.youtube.com/user/msbenefitbeauty
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Realize-Colbie Caillat (Cover) || AJ Chance
Check out my other social media stuffff Vine: AJ Chance Keek: amberchance Younow: AJ Chance Snapchat: amberchick11 Kik: aj_chance
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Moving Vlog || AJ Chance
Hey guys! This video was super boring and lengthy but to me it is a memoir of this amazing house that I pretty much grew up in. Subscribe for videos every other Saturday! :)
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Ellie Goulding/Matt&Kim Delirium World tour Vlog // Part 1
Youtube made me put it into 2 parts ugh idk why, but anyways... Hope you enjoyed this video! Feel free to give it a like/comment! Subscribe for more vlogs, covers, challenges, skits and more! Thanks for watching!
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Coke And Mentos Challenge with a twist! || AJ Chance and Chloe Mc
Hope you enjoy our weirdness! Chloe's Instagram: chloee_mcdonaldd Remember to subscribe if you like my videos :) Check out my other social media stuffff Vine/Younow: AJ Chance Keek: amberchance Instagram: amberjadezc Twitter: amberjadezc Snapchat: amberchick11 Kik: aj_chance
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Dear year from now me || AJ Chance
I post videos every other Saturday night so if you wanna come back to watch more of me embarrassing myself over the internet then Hit subscribe lol. The music is from Mockingjay and is called Hanging Tree so yea I obviously don't own this song... Have a nice family day tomorrow!
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Ellie Goulding Delirium World Tour Vlog // Part 2
Youtube made me put it into 2 parts ugh idk why, but anyways... Hope you enjoyed this video! Feel free to give it a like/comment! Subscribe for more vlogs, covers, challenges, skits and more! Thanks for watching!
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NYC Vlog || AJ Chance
Hey guys!! Thanks for watching! This is a bit of footage I compiled from my trip to NYC these past few days. Hope you enjoyed the video. Subscribe for more vlogs, short films, music videos, covers and more :)
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Blue Boy. (Reuploaded)
This is the film I made for a film festival in my region and it got in the top ten. I was quite proud of it but realized it was never uploaded on this channel so here it is now! Thanks for watching! Subscribe if you want to see more content.
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The Best Friend Tag || AJ Chance and Chloe
Hey thanks for watching my first ever video on youtube. Hit the like button and subscribe for videos every other Saturday! Vine/Younow: AJChance Twitter: grexygreysongal My Blog: ajtheartsyfartsy.blogspot.com
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My Halloween Vlog || AJ Chance
I vlogged my 2014 Halloween experience. Hey hit subscribe if you liked this video :) Thanks for watching my Halloween vlog, I hope to do more vlogs one day! Comment, like,share, subscribe ?
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Strikesgiving || A Short Film
A short film my friend Daniel and I made for class. Hope you enjoyed! Subscribe!!
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College Advice From A College Student || AJ Chance
Hey everyone! Thanks for watching. Subscribe, comment, like, share and all that jazz. Check out the band that's song is playing in the video! They're called Current Joys and the song in the video is "No Words". I don't own that song or take credit for it, it's all Current Joys! My IG: pastel_punk
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Make-a-Wish Rope For Hope 2018 || AJ & Chloe
Edited by: Chloe McDonald (huge thanks to Chloe for putting this video together!!) Subscribe to her channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjW5JHXxjpyjBtfniLpnsKQ Subscribe, comment, like, share! Thanks for watching! My Instagram: pastel_punk Chloes Instagram: chloee.mcdonaldd My names Amber Jade and when I was 15, I went on a make a wish trip to Los Angeles. I was born with a chronic illness called PCD for short. The Make A Wish foundation did so much for me, so I really wanted to give back. Rope for hope was a perfect way for me to do so.
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Blonde and Stupid || AJ, Nikky, Chloe
Hey so me and my 2 friends made a remake of the song "Just a Gigolo/I ain't got nobody" from the movie "Bad Grandpa" is where we heard this song. We put alot of effort into this funny video, so hope you liked it. Subscribe if you enjoyed this video! Hit like! Comment! Fan me on younow: younow.com/AJChance Other links in my bio :)
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