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Best of Candle (Next Top Thingy)
As Candle has been eliminated, her light has just run out.
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Best (Worst) of Bowl
Finally the whiny Bowl leaves the competition.
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Inanimate Fight-Out Episode 4: "Get Ready To Climb"
Originally made: 10/21/12 This one took 3 weeks to make, and the reason why the previous episode said no more deadlines is because we need time to animate.
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Best of Sword
Sword has begun to rust on his strategies.
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Inanimate Fight-Out Episode 2: "Ultimate Fire"
Original Release date: 8/28/12 Here's Episode 2 of the show.
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Inanimate Fight-Out Episode 3: "Get Your Hot Dogs"
Sorry for the hiatus, it wasn't planned to happen. This was made September 30th, a day before October. Episode 4 is coming as well. I'm using BFDI mouths because I can't make my own yet.
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Inanimate Fight-Out Episode 15: "Try To Breathe"
New Episode, New Challenge, With the 15th challenge coming, the contestants are hoping for it to not be crappy, are they right or wrong? Find out. Note: yes this is ANOTHER short episode, I've been busy with reality lately.
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Best of Coaster
Coaster has been derailed from the contest (cuz it's a roller coaster joke).
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Inanimate Fight-Out Episode 5: "Can You Draw a Good Character?"
This took 12 days to make and here are the voice actors of this show. MegaAnimazing (Male)- CC, Sword, Triangle, Kool Aid MegaAnimazing (Female)- Crystal, Face, Frisbee, LSUBook Emonga- Ball, Board, Bird, Mp3 MightyMewTron- Key, Star, Key, Bowl, Dollar, Jack, CS, Disk Survivorman367- Dr.Lemon
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Inanimate Fight-Out Episode 10: "Tag You're Out"
Finally! After a whole summer break, I finished the episode. I'd like to thank all my cast members and fans on making this episode possible.
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Best of Cola Can
Cola Can has been fizzed up and has lost, or has he?
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Best of Board
Board has lost all of his wood to continue on the contest.
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Inanimate Fight-Out Episode 16: "Co-Operation, Make it Happen"
"After dealing with metal potato finding, maze puzzles, and breath holding, the final 10 are off to the mines for the third time in a row. Who will win and who will lose? Find out on this episode." (Special thanks to Ireland Webs, AnimationCreated and ToonMaster99 for animating the last few scenes)
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Inanimate Fight-Out Episode 14: "The Amazing Race"
Episode 14 is finally up! Hope you're all as excited as I am! The episode took so long, but I was just trying to test if I could script write alone. Tell me what you think! Anyway, tell me if I did right, or wrong, any problems, or anything! Thanks for watching, and I hope you liked it as much as I did
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Inanimate Fight-Out Episode 17: "Starlit Darkness"
"The final 9 are told to go up to a stage, but what they don't know is what is going on underneath their lack of noses."
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Inanimate Fight-Out Episode 7: "Bazooka's, Villains, and Cacti Oh My"
With another contestant biting the dust, the eliminated contestants are trying to get out with Bird as the battering ram. While that's going on, Lemon Boy reveals his name, and is chased by an evil doughnut man, who is he and why is he wanting to kill lemon, who knows? While that happens the contestants do cacti dodging and fire the cacti with cactus filled bazooka's, who will win and who will lose? Get ready to find out. Special thanks to MRace2010isback for animating the challenge, well most of it. Frisbee's video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?annotation_id=annotation_730415&feature=iv&src_vid=MH6uIyb6jDs&v=vWvGzN58pOU Cola Can's video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?annotation_id=annotation_548787&feature=iv&src_vid=MH6uIyb6jDs&v=2cbdRXiz5pM Sword's video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?annotation_id=annotation_70221&feature=iv&src_vid=MH6uIyb6jDs&v=fIKC602LF6s Star's video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?annotation_id=annotation_816063&feature=iv&src_vid=MH6uIyb6jDs&v=bvNvjI1BP8s Ball's video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?annotation_id=annotation_359806&feature=iv&src_vid=MH6uIyb6jDs&v=EodGQsKdXDM Face's video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?annotation_id=annotation_582917&feature=iv&src_vid=MH6uIyb6jDs&v=rHayinK1F0w LSU Book's video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?annotation_id=annotation_920587&feature=iv&src_vid=MH6uIyb6jDs&v=ODF3AZ9jdTo
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Best of Triangle
Triangle's point hasn't been seen and never will.
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Best of Jack
Jack didn't play his cards to stay in the game.
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Inanimate Fight-Out Episode 8: "Dodgeball Destruction"
With Elimination underway and the votes being done via rates, Cola Can decides to eat the Safire cake from last episode. a newcomer comes to be co-host and the challenge is dodge ball related, Who will win the contest, stay tuned and find out.
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Inanimate Fight-Out Episode 12: "Get Out of the Kitchen"
Cooking challenge underway!!! Who will win, and who will fail greatly? Find out in this episode of Inanimate Fight-Out. Special thanks to all my fellow YouTube buddies on helping me stay strong on this episode and not quit on the project. :) Anyways, make a reaction video to this episode.
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Best of Key
With Key leaving the competition, his chances are locked.
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Inanimate Fight-Out Episode 6: "Adobe Flash Special (New Year Special)"
I am happy that I FINALLY finished animating this episode. DaKillahBunnyz now voices Disk for now on he'll voice certain characters later from his auditions. and Yes Emonga was voicing some of Bungard's characters but this is the only episode to have her voice them. Here are the bodies for the characters: (http://inanimatefightout.wikia.com/wiki/Special:NewFiles)
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Best of Disk and Soda Can
*Disk has finally lost all of her megabytes. *Soda Can's soda has been emptied (again). (also, seeing how Episode 12 had a double elimination, why not make a video on two people eliminated for the price of one?)
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Best of Dollar
The 100 cents worth of luck has run out.
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Best of LSU Book
LSU Book has become overdue in the competition.
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Inanimate Fight-Out Episode 13: "The Pizza and The Mines"
Happy new year, I finished this in less than a month this time, and I have all of you people to thank. While the episode is short, I'm at least working on the other episodes and other peoples projects.
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Inanimate Fight-Out Episode 11: "The Big Bang"
With the elimination underway, which two lucky suckers will go in the BOD? The challenge this episode is so EXPLOSIVE, You'll wanna change your socks. The contestants sure hope not to BLOW on this challenge, because they might need something to BLOW UP! Who will win, who will lose, and who will BLOW their minds on this challenge?
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Inanimate Fight-Out Episode 1: "Pole of Destiny"
I was making this on my parents anniversary when I first got Anime Studio to animate. Original release date: August 4th 2012.
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Inanimate Fight-Out Episode 9: "The Unlucky 4"
With the 4th elimination coming to the pizza's, Cola Can wants to get out of the B.O.D. so much. The Recommended Competitors compete to join the series and there is a twist at the end, What's the twist and who will be eliminated? watch the video and find out for yourselves.
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Cola Can's Akward dance
No comment.
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Best of Face
The randomness that is Face is gone.
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Best of Kool Aid
Kool Aid loses her juice, and her chances of winning.
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Inanimate Fight-Out Episode 4.5 "Special Episode"
This one only took 10 days to make. this was finished on Halloween. http://inanimatefightout.wikia.com/wiki/Inanimate_Fight-Out_Wiki
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Inanimate Fight-Out Episode 17 Sneak Peek
I'm not dead by the way, just going through an animation rot. Special thanks to Whitelmator for making this scene.
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Object Overload Reboot Episode 1 Reaction
Because I wanted to.
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Best of Bird
As she gets eliminated, Bird's wings have been clipped.
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Inanimate Fight-Out Episode 9 Deleted Scenes
There are some scenes and lines that were remove or missing for some reasons, so why not make a video about them?
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Sword Sings
I make some animation shorts in my spare time, and I'm working on the episode right now, just thought of giving you something to watch while you wait.
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Object Gaming Network Promotion
TehCanadianSpartan's Promotion video►https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uFIFT_JDFaM Gaming Channel►https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLgcAiepsaIIqQAV03VP5TA
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Inanimate Fight-Out Episode 17 Trailer
The episode is nearly completed, so here's a trailer of what's to come. Trailer made by MegaAnimazing and Fland. Animation in this trailer made by BrannFlakes, MegaAnimazing, Fland, Fusion, Rival Race, and Cormac. Backgrounds in this trailer made by Fland and The Jo Co. Music: Malicious by Kevin MacLeod http://www.incompetech.com
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IF-O Ep16 preview 3
It's coming, Emonga just needs to send all her lines then I'm set. By the way, not dead LOL.
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IF-O Episode 16 Trailer
Credit to Brannon Cool for making this trailer, also the other animators are trying their hardest on making the scenes and giving them to me to add in premiere, hopefully it won't take long.
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Inanimate Fight-Out Episode 16 [Sneak Peek]
the background has been improved a bit, and I added some trees, and Emonga is almost done recording for the episode.
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Preview of Episode 16
This is a scene that will be shown in the episode. What's the challenge? You'll have to wait and see. Also, IF-O is not dead. K thanks, bye.
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Inanimate Fight-Out needs your help
Please help me on this project, I've been stuck on the episode for a year and a half.
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Inanimate Fight Out Trailer
This is the original trailer for IF-O and this was made 2 months before I started animating IF-O, this was actually done in flash, but as shown, this was my first attempt on it back then.
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Next Top Thingy Promo
Here is a promo for Next Top Thingy that Retro approved.
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This is a commercial that I thought of when I got CS5. Note: There is a bit of lag when it was exported, I need to learn how to make it not lag, care to tell me how?
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400 Subs
I managed to hit that many subscribers over the year? sweet.
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