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One Piece: Chopper's New Horn Point
Chopper's new Horn Point in Fishman Island.
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Panjabi MC: Beware Of The Boys (Ft. Jay-Z)
'Beware Of The Boys' - by Panjabi MC, featuring Jay-Z. Also known as: 'Mundian To Bach Ke'.
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One Piece Opening 4: Bon Voyage! (English-Dubbed)
One Piece opening 4 (Bon Voyage!) - in English and also in HD! Comment if you spot Panda Man :D Sung by Brina Palencia, of FUNimation Entertainment.
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One Piece: Luffy's Secret Hiding Place
Where Luffy hides his goods ;)
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One Piece: Luffy's A NINJA?!
Is Luffy a ninja?! Find out -- in the latest episode of Naru-- One Piece!! In Japanese with English subtitles.
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One Piece Opening 3: Hikari E (English-Dubbed)
One Piece opening 3 in English and in HD.
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One Piece: Luffy's Art Of Recruiting
Luffy's art of recruiting. In Japanese, HD - with English subtitles. Like my Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Monkey-D-Troll/161655947319364
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South Park: You Gotta Do What You Wanna Do! (Elementary School Musical)
Sung by Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny.
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Supernatural: Dean's Most Hilarious Lie
So hilarious!
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One Piece: Luffy's Comeback
The thing that makes the comeback badass is the soundtrack that plays. Extra tags: Chief McKinley Stretch Stretching
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One Piece: Luffy's Songs
Notice that Luffy uses an early form of Kenbunshoku Haki (also known as Mantra)!
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One Piece: Luffy's Punishment
These are the types of punishments retards like Luffy would give. XD
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Shingeki No Kyojin/Attack On Titan: Get Back!/Humankind's Retaliation! (AMV)
CAUTION: VIDEO AND DESCRIPTION CONTAINS SPOILERS FOR THE SERIES! MAKE SURE TO PUT ON FULL VOLUME! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Humankind's payback comes in the form of Eren Jaeger's titan form! Song: Ludacris - Get Back
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One Piece: Luffy Punches Charloss (Song Of Time - Remix)
AMV of when Luffy punches Charloss (Celestial Dragon). With English subtitles.
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South Park: Season 15 Opening (Instrumental)
The instrumental version of South Park's 15th opening. Like my Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Monkey-D-Troll/161655947319364?fref=ts
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Soulsplit: Dikbil's Power?!
What the hell is the Dikbil's Power? With Unclasher 12 and EagleEye2000 (bosses!). Song: Tupac - California Love
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Runescape:  One Piece Opening 2: Believe (English-Dubbed)
Music video for the One Piece opening: Believe - Runescape/Soulsplit style! Music edit*
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One Piece Opening 11 - Share The World
Epic opening :O
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One Piece: Skepta - In The Country (Wiley Diss)
'In The Country' by Skepta, dissing Wiley. Artwork by JaredofArt (Deviantart): http://jaredofart.deviantart.com/ Like my Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Monkey-D-Troll/161655947319364
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