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Meiling's Space Program
So I finally got both OBS to work and McAfee to stop thinking Hisoutensoku was a virus, so I decided to whip up something stupid to celebrate. What better way than watching people get punched into orbit to A Space Odyssey? (something which I do not own, yada yada piss off UMG thanks) ...Yeah, it was funnier in my head. Oh, yeah, Merry Christmas and all that, despite this video being toally unrelated to Christmas.
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Obligatory Cirno Day Shitpost
No komainu were harmed in the making of this shitpost. Happy Cirno day, everyone. Song is a heavily edited version of '"That's What I Like" by Bruno Mars, and this isn't monetised. Please don't copystrike me. Love you, draconian YouTube asshats. Inspired by this masterpiece: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GjjZacZSWT4
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A Hard-Knock Life
Today, I forgot what 'Easy' means. Gonna have to get a quick refresher from the dictionary. Game: Touhou 15: Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom (duh) Song: It's A Hard-Knock Life (2014 version)
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Kris Oofs Himself (huge spoilers for Deltarune I guess)
So Deltarune's been unleashed upon the world. You know what that means... More half-baked made-in-five-minutes shitposts from yours truly! Or just the one, anyway. Yeah, I'm really sorry about this, but I gotta get in there before someone else nicks this prime meme idea. Game is Deltarune, obviously, go check it out, it's pretty fun: https://www.deltarune.com/
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Tom reads the Frisk Vs Sakuya Comment Section
Holy hell, I actually uploaded something! Just a quick little shitpost I made because I was bored. It's crap, sure, but it was, like, a half-hour job on Movie Maker. It was gonna be shit from the start. Feel free to tell me how this video is the worst thing ever uploaded and that I should never make a video again in the comments. Heck, I may even make more zero-quality, zero-effort content if I can be arsed to. Oh yeah, thanks for 100 subs. Dunno why you decided to subscribe, all I do is make semi-witty comments, but thanks anyway.
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The Patriarchy
Was bored, made a meme. I know it's an old one, but it's a damn good meme nonetheless. The game is Sanctum 2. Go check it out on Steam, it's a bloody fantastic blend of FPS and Tower Defence: https://store.steampowered.com/app/210770/Sanctum_2/ Again, this was a rare case. I might upload more things, but honestly, I'll have to think that it's absolute comedy gold and/or relevant for me to care enough.
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