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13 July 2018
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Don't judge yo, its life with Nike !!!!!?episode 2 season 1. Mommy dearest!
Nike , waking up, hopes for a peacfull relaxing day only to have Rocksell give her news about some shady activity Nike noticed. To add to that Nike's demanding mom makes an unexpected visit , making Nike super depressed. Meanwhile when Moana loses jinx to Rachel , her obnoxious pride won't have it and plots against Rachel. Wanna find out more , then stay tuned byyee!!
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Don't judge yo , its life with Nike!!!!,: season one episode one: The beginning of our journey
Nike , the queen of nigeria aka Transylvania, is seeking a normal life and when she thinks she's OK merky and mysterious mahem occurs in the Transylvanian castle. Could life get any crazier. I was just a normal kid thought it would be fun to try so I did it. Pls like, subscribe and stay tuned for more episodes!!!!
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# I'm alive
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Updates , read description plz!
Plz like and subscribe. I'm definitely posting on Wednesday . Bye!!!
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Don't judge yo ,its life with Nike !!!!!!!?:Traolor season1 ep 2 titled: Mommy dearest!
Just a little trailer. I shan't put a description due to the fact its a trailer and #spoiler alert much! Also an excuse to see you lovely fans , 👋 ☺☺☺😁😁😁😁❤
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14 July 2018
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Mommy dearest part 2 of2
A continuation. Plz watch part one, like and subscribe for more video's , so yeah , bye!!!😊
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