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Halloween 2016: Tarman Zombie Scares Little Girls
Happy Halloween Youtubers! I will be posting this year's Halloween videos soon. But in the meantime, here is some footage of me last Halloween as Tarman from Return of the Living Dead scaring the little girl Trick or Treaters... BRAINS!!!
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Killer Klowns are Back!
Halloween 2015
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Killer Klown from Outer Space Scares Dog!
Halloween 2015. First Victim.
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Custom TARMAN Costume in the dark
This is my Tarman costume in the dark with a strobe light.
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Samsung Galaxy VR Reaction: Face Your Fears
My reaction to a game called "Face Your Fears". I hate how I sound ! My hair is a mess too.
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Killer Klown does Pennywise Dance
Just for fun, I did the Pennywise Dance from the movie, "IT 2017" while "Killer Klowns from Outer Space" by the Dickies plays in the background.
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Halloween 2017- Scary Clown Chases Two Dogs
Just a video from a phone of me hiding behind the bushes, chasing two dogs down the street.
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Halloween 2017- Scary Clown Scares Girl
I snuck up on this girl Trick or Treater and scared her. LOL I got her good.
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