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Zaful try on- Yeet
Hey guys so i bought a couple things from zaful hope you guys enjoy heart shaped pink sunglasses-https://www.zaful.com/heart-shape-sunglasses-p_504147.html?lkid=20239290 see through pink glasses https://www.zaful.com/round-european-american-young-style-sunglasses-p_638256.html?lkid=20239295 gold framed pink sunglasseshttps://www.zaful.com/unique-metal-full-frame-oval-sunglasses-p_520680.html?lkid=20239291 blazer https://au.zaful.com/faux-pocket-plaid-blazer-p_643907.html?lkid=20239313
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*super* natural everyday makeup for school -Daniel Mirkin
hey guys its your basic bitch Daniel here with another shit vid hope this helps but probs will kill braincells anyways stalk me like the kids @ my school do yeet instagram-Danieldoesmakeup younow
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Drugstore back to school makeup tutorial- Daniel Mirkin
Hey there welcome to my channel! hope this really helped you and make sure to subscribe to be part of the #danielaters fam instagram-https://instagram.com/danieldoesmakeup/ my blog https://danieldoesbeauty.com/ snapchat- dmirkin0 twitter danielthemua codes *some may be affiliate* mys lashes use code *daniel10* dodo lashes use code *daniel* I love you guys xoxo Daniel
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Full face of $2 makeup - Daniel mirkin almost
hey everyone hope you enjoyed full face of $2 makeup i have to say i was shook! Stalk me... blog danieldoesbeauty.com instagram: https://www.instagram.com/danieldoesmakeup/ twitter https://twitter.com/danielthemua Facebook https://www.facebook.com/danielmirkinofficial/ . DISCOUNT CODES https://www.dodolashes.com/ USE CODE Danieldoesmakeup for$$ off Mys lashes use Daniel10 for %10 off . . . . . . For pr and other random things email [email protected] I love you guys!
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First year of high school/middle school vlog
Hey babes this isn’t my favourite but i had a go at doing my first high school vlog Blog danieldoesbeauty.com Instagram danieldoesmakeup Snapchat dmirkin0 coupens https://www.zaful.com/heart-shape-sunglasses-p_504147.html?lkid=20239188&lkid=20239193
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How to pack for travel like a pro
How to pack like a pro Instagram instagram.danieldoesmakeup.com Wordpress http://danieldoesmakeup.wordpress.com Facebook:Danieldoesmakeup
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11 year old boy gets acrylic nails
Hope you enjoyed probably not but anyways Instagram; Danieldoesmakeup
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Peachy makeup look
Hope you enjoy Instagram: danieldoesmakeup Wordpress: danieldoesmakeup Snapchat: danielmrk3
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How to create natural brows! -Daniel MIRKIN
hope you guys enjoyed! subscribe https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCXLAmQ_H4K-vJkKyxq4KdA last week's videhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gkpsVntawP0&t=30s blog danieldoesbeauty.com instagram https://www.instagram.com/danieldoesmakeup/ facebook https://www.facebook.com/danielmirkinofficial/ twitter https://twitter.com/danielthemua snapchat dmirkin0 . . . discount codes some may be affilate dodo lashes use code danieldoesmakeup mys lashes daniel10 . . email [email protected] this video is not sponsored products mentioned Benefit #browvo Benefit #preciselymybrowpencil Benefit #highbrowpencil . . . . so you guys next time!
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Q and A
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How to achieve smooth skin- Daniel Mirkin
Hey guys this was filmed like 2 months ago I completely forgot about it lol but anyways hope this helps
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2 outfit ideas!-Daniel Mirkin
hey guys this fun to film its two outfits because i accidentally deleted one of the outfits so yeet on that anyways hope you enjoy outfit 1 blazer -https://au.zaful.com/faux-pocket-plaid-blazer-p_643907.html?lkid=20249089 boots alternative -https://au.zaful.com/patent-leather-stiletto-high-heel-boots-p_599835.html?lkid=20249104 glasses- https://au.zaful.com/stylish-narrow-lens-sunglasses-p_643323.html?lkid=20249114 outfit 2 jacket alternative-https://www.zaful.com/button-up-pockets-denim-jacket-p_634525.html?lkid=20249139 shirt https://www.zaful.com/short-sleeve-graphic-jersey-ringer-t-shirt-p_598641.html?lkid=20249143 shoes [sneakers] - https://www.zaful.com/outdoor-leisure-sport-low-heel-sneakers-p_551983.html?lkid=20249148
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The life of a 11year old boy beauty blogger
Hey guys my name is Daniel hope you guys enjoyed this video and see y’all soon Instagram: danieldoesmakeup Facebook danielmirkinoffcial Discount codes Dodo lashes use code danieldoesmakeup for $$ off
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How to lip contour
Hope you guys learned something new! Instagram: Danieldoesmakeup
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How to bake and set your face like a pro
hey beautys Thank you so much for watching make sure to share subcribe and like to keep seeing good videos love you all #danielaters Instagram https:www.instagram.com/danieldoesmakeup
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My everyday makeup routine
Hope you guys enjoyed this video xx . Hey #danielaters my name is Daniel I have been obsessed with makeup for over a year now and am here to share my passion make sure to subscribe to part of the #danielaters Family . . let's become bff's Instagram https://www.instagram.com/danieldoesmakeup/ facebook https://www.facebook.com/danielmirkinofficial/ . . . See y’all
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Why I haven’t been posting and unboxing a iPhone 8 Plus
Thx for watching Instagram danieldoesmakeup
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Instagram makeup videos complication
Hey guys my name is Daniel I’m a growing beauty blogger
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Why skincare is necessary!
Hey guys my name is Daniel Mirkin and I’m a young beauty blogger showing the world that boys can wear makeup 💄 be sure to subscribe share and like to be part of the #danielaters Family love y’all 💕 instagram : https://www.instagram.com/danieldoesmakeup blog: danieldoesbeauty.wordpress.com
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GRWM the full thing - Daniel Mirkin
Hey everyone hopefully you enjoyed as this took me several hours. last weeks videohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YsHXiGqshZY&t=11s Stalk me instagram https://www.instagram.com/danieldoesmakeup/ blog http://danieldoesbeauty.com twitter danielthemua snapchat Dmirkin0 pinterest danieldoesbeauty facebook https://www.facebook.com/danielmirkinofficial/ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For all business enquiries email [email protected] #danielaters
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Let’s chat
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School rants
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Dot contouring and highlighting
Hope you enjoy Wordpress http://danieldoesmakeup.wordpress.com Instagram danieldoesmakeup
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How I do my eyebrows! - Daniel Mirkin
Hey everyone in this video I show how To create bootylicous brows! #danielaters Let's be friends! blog https://danieldoesbeauty.com/ instagram https://www.instagram.com/danieldoesmakeup/ twitter danielthemua facebook https://www.facebook.com/danielmirkinofficial/ products mentioned Benefit #browvo #Abh #dipbrow in medium brown #Benefit #preciselymybrowpencil in 3 Benefit #24hourbrowsetter #fentybeauty #matchstix in #ivory #sleekmakeup #preciousmetals highlighting pallet #Zoeva 317 brush winged liner [used for brows] Zoeva 322 brow line [used for concealer] . Discount codes [some may be affiliate Dodo lashes use code Daniel Mys use code daniel10
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