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Welcome, Welcome! =^.^= | Alexa Misty
Welcome to my channel!
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How to Set up a Gerbil or Hamster Cage | Alexa Misty (read desc or pinned comment)
Sooo sorry for the late upload. I was supposed to upload yesterday, but I had internet issues. But here it is!
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My Opinion on People Hating United Airlines
I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (http://www.youtube.com/editor) Ok, yes, this is not my usual video. Please no hate comments! Please please please subscribe to my sister's channel! It is linked here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVxbb92hSDZ0wE21k3MqyMw
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Quick Warrior Cats Animation | Alexa Misty
Very quick microsoft paint animation. That's why it's terrible.
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DIY EASY Hamster and Gerbil Toy | Alexa Misty
Soo today I'm making a little gerbil toy. It's very easy, all you need is cardboard and scissors. If you even need scissors. You could probably just neatly rip the cardboard. But anyways. Yes, the thumbnail is TERRIBLE but I can only use Microsoft Paint to make it and, if I had gerbils yet it would be a better thumbnail... So I guess I made a schedule for uploads. Every wednesday is when I upload I guess. Soo yeah.
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6 Things that Star Stable Online Should add | Alexa Misty
Hey Everyone! Today I'm showing you what I think SSO should add. I know alot of people will noot like the fact that I want more dailys, but I'm....Im just going to say it. I'm a sucker for dailys. Aaanyway. What do you think sso should add? Don't forget to like, and comment! And also subscribe to become one of my Dewdrops!!! Lol. Here's my sista's channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVxbb92hSDZ0wE21k3MqyMw Music: Dog and Pony show by Silent Partner Hope ya enjoyed!!! I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (http://www.youtube.com/editor)
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I apologise.
My uploads have been late but here are the explainations.
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5 Gerbil Facts | Alexa Misty
Terrible pun warning: Some people deserve a gerbillion subscribers' I'm so sorry. I cringe now at my GerbilClan joke American Gerbil Society Housing information: http://agsgerbils.org/Learn/Gerbil_Care_Handbook/care.php#housing Follow my Twitter! Link on Channel page Help me get to 50 subscribers so I can paint a model cat to look like my Channel mascot! If you truly care about me and read this description, say this in the comments: Can my gerbil join GerbilClan? He/she is a medicine gerbil/warrior. Customize the gender and rank lol
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25 Days of Rescue Donations|Alexa Misty|CHRISTMAS SPECIAL
Hi guys! So today I'm doing a Christmas Special, one of many. You can donate to your local animal shelter or rescue this month as a christmas gift! Or Hanukkah, Or Solstice, or whatever you celebrate! Expect more videos, including my entry to Garett Schleich Horse 101's drawing competition, a DIY stray kitty house tutorial, and more DIY pet toys. I wish Mew happy holidays!
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Drawing Contest Entry for Garett Schleich Horse 101 | Alexa Misty
Here's the drawing! I said I would get it out on monday, and it was monday where I live. With 20 minutes to spare lol! Also shoutout to Garett Schleich Horse 101, I forgot to do that in the last video. I will next video!
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My life is a mess rn
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Summer Abscence
My grandma doesn't want me to be youtubing. Bleh
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I've returned! (read description or pinned comment)
What you've all been dreading. Lol! I'm back! Yes, I made this video with Microsoft Powerpoint, fight me. It's the only thing that works! This was very quick to upload, I loved it! Happy me! Warrior cats, astronomy, animations, and star stable videos to be expected! My new mascot, the rainbow cat, is named Lexi. Twitter Here: twitter.com/agdalexamisty I was gone so long because of the youtube video editor going missing and not having a video editor myself or screen recorder and all videos that I filmed with a camera took literally a whole day without even being uploaded so yeah. But I'm back! The channel I used to sponsor has fallen inactive (Ellie Potter. Check out my old videos if you want to see her videos) therefore I no longer sponsor her. Did ya like that picture of the kittens at the end of the video? I did. I loved it. So perty!
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Dandelion Animation (read desc)
I apologize for the little popup for the screen recorder being in the way. Sorry! Made in Microsoft Paint and Powerpoint
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30 Subs! *read description*
I was in such a rush, was high on caffeine and chocolate, and was watching kitten live-streams, that I forgot to thank you guys, the subscribers! But anyways, thank you!
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9/11 Rememberance
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