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I have no idea what I'm doing
Mods=fags, because Jap B-17 That Spit sure waisted alot of energy to end up dying like that..... at T4, how dishonorabru
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War Thunder: War in the Pacific - J2M2 killing spree at Iwo Jima
The presence of the A7M, Ki-100 and Ki-43 III along with the P-47D and P-61 at less than 5.0 BR is a mystery that has aggravated philosophers for ages. The reason for Gaijin's decision to balance undertiered rape machines with equally undertiered late war prototype sex toys to form some kind of bizarre space-time singularity will perhaps never be known to man.
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That feel when
I'm sure some of you have felt this way. Want to know how I did this? Go here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w0Atovcs0r4
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Russian bias.avi
Japan op, needs nerfed
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War Thunder: Enduring Confrontation - Ki-43 I Funball
Not particularly useful against anything past the I-16, but a joy to fly nonetheless.
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War Thunder: Enduring Confrontation - A decent flyout in the He-100.
If it weren't for the lousy cooling and bab armament, this thing would end up at 4.3 BR in no time.
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Spitting Fire
it burns
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Carrier Landings #5: B5N2
2easy, wish they added tail hook DM for more realism
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It takes 3 Angry Franks to kill one Ninzin
It's as if Ze_Hairy decided to Mustang...... lel I thought the Corsairs white tracers at the end were misguided small calibre flak aimed at Ninzin so I accidentally him behind me Oh well
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Carrier Landings #2: A6M2
2/10, major derp on final approach results in a crappy landing.
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War Thunder: War in the Pacific - Ace in a day
Messing around in the new SB event mode. Quite comfy, the use of AB mechanics such as FREE mid-game respawns w/ traditional post-game repair costs and the ability to bring in vehicles below the minimum BR + actual mission objectives make this modo ironically far more "realistic" and most of all enjoyable than the current iteration of EC. It even has a server browser! The RP rewards are lower than in EC(I only got 3400 RP in this match), but the loads of lions you get even at lower tiers make up for it, as you're no longer limited to bankrupting yourself via pay-to-spawn.
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Carrier landings #4: D3A1
It's hard
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World's worst War Thunder pilot violates several ethics in Carrier Operations
I never got the appeal of doing that weird descending turn approach, meh prefers high and slow approach using the carrier's engine exhaust as an impromptu glideslope of sorts, complete with the patented Messerschmitt technique of flaring 2 meters above ground while pulling up at the same time becuase soft 3 point landings.....and fuselage landing gear shenanigans. Never git the 3rd wire that way doe, usually is gently roll into the first this took like 2 days to upload, fucking deutsche telekom srsly
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Noob and Noober: Norway edition
Not sure how the P-47 screwed himself up with an energy advantage like that, but whatever.
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P-47D vs. 109 F-4 in ASB
Song is Darude - Sandstorm No Combat Flaps were deployed in the making of this Video.
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BF3 Air Superiority gameplay
Featuring Touhou remixes. French servers suck....
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Carrier Landings #6: A5M4
The only thing different about the newer FMs on this thing is that it now loses speed instead of gliding almost indefinitively with landing flaps at 0% throttle.
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;_; s-sorry GrmlZ-senpai, I-I didn't it was you...
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Carrier landings #1: Ki-43-II
Ok I guess, followed the glideslope fairly descently. Could've touched down a bit earlier though.
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