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HALFWAY THERE!!! Preview #2 KCMs
THANK YOU PEOPLE WHO HELPED Anna Ramirez Daniel Ureña Sheila Vang Erika Espinoza Song The dissapearence of hatsune miku belongs to sega
Views: 53 LunaZombeh
My dog reacts to a barking dog video
So i put on a video that just had dogs barking and wanted to see my dogs reaction to it XD #dogs#pets#animals#coco#barking#barkingdog#dogreactsto#funny#weird
Views: 51 LunaZombeh
yuki yuki yuki yuki eyeless jack
yuki yuki belongs to miraii nikki and eyeless jack doesnt belong to me either but the video and cosplay i made myself and omg someone help me iM BORED XD
Views: 292 LunaZombeh
Kcms K.I.V. preview 8th grade
Song The dissapearence of hatsune miku does not belong to me it belongs to sega but i am just using it for the making of this video, i used Wevideo to make it and Once a grizzly always a grizzly
Views: 60 LunaZombeh

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