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I called Pixie Hollow, and here you can hear everything! Sorry, for the first seconds it has bad sound quality and stuff, but then it gets better.
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‘Beat It’ PHMV | MJ x PHMV Series
I wanted to start a series of Michael Jackson songs made into PHMVs, starting with Beat It from the Thriller album! I will probably do Billie Jean next since it’s also from the Thriller album~ I look forward to collabing with fellow pixies and making as much MJ x PHMV videos as I can! :D
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Pixie Hollow: Goodbye Video
Just a goodbye video at the last minute.. :)
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My Sailor Moon drawing
It was easier than I thought to draw this xD Drawing Sailor Moon is actually really easy once you get the hang of it. Enjoy! (Made it with XP Paint on computer)
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2019 Pixie Hollow Update!
Hi everyone! Made an update video for 2019-- look forward to what's to come! ♥Made by PixieHollowLounge♥
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Mr. Sandman | PHMV 2016 Music Video
HEELLOO guys I'm back! ^A^ This is from a new PIXIE HOLLOW in progress called FairyABC. Check it out at fairyabc.com (yes I know it sounds like a baby website lol 😁) Hope any subscriber that's still alive enjoys. :P and new ones of course.
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I'm officially now a Disney-Free person.
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♥Fantage: New Expressions! ♥
Check out the new expressions out today! How do you like them? :)
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My Pixie Hollow Intro
Here is my brand-new intro! I will be using it for my videos now on. I hope you like it! :)
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Fantage- New shop Vintage Gold: My thoughts
they are expensive wow x.x
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Taking Over Me- Official Ourworld Music Video
This is the nightcore version, btw. ;) I was originally going to make it with a lot of people, but tat failed BADLY, lol. So I just did it with one. :P Enjoy! )
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Entry for Amber's Fashionista Award Show
Lol sorry it's too long. I was a little hyper too. o_o Well, here it is! Good luck to everyone who entered. :)
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Ourworld- How to be a Heartbreaker Collab Part 1
Just a collab part for a collab.. :P
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Pixie Hollow- Fairy Animation Test Full
Decided to finish it since it was so EPIC at the start xD
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‘Don’t Go’ Official FairyABC/Pixie Hollow Music Video [PHMV]
Back with another official music video after a very short 2 years! :P how are you doing? Hyped up to hopefully make more PHMVs in the future! :D
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Pixie Edits: Lily and Karina
Here's my edit of my best friend Lily and me. Lily-Chan Picture Link- http://i43.tinypic.com/ogfnr5.jpg
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I'm now using Ourworld!
Well.. Ourworld was basically my first virtual website I used.. so I'm nothing new here.. but.. had to make a new account because I forgot my password on the other one.. BUMMER. Now I'm considered a noob until I get some decent clothes and other items.. -.- Well, if you wanna be apart of Ourworld too, message me and we could be friends! :D
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Wow, I haven't been fully apart of the Youtube community for a long time, huh? Well, I was just snoozin' so WATCHA :P
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Fantage- My Fantage Drawing!
I know I didn't get the details and made the hair lighter blah blah, but I just made my fantage character, Angeleshine on Paint Tool Sai. ^^ (Click "show more" for link to full pic) Full picture Link: http://angelecore.deviantart.com/art/Chibi-Girl-415679111?ga_submit_new=10%253A1385320356
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Pixie Hollow: A GHOST??
this was private for some reason so yeah put it on public o_o
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Pixie Edits: Karina Summer
It was my first try making the edit with a new software, and it works great! Enjoy! :)
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FMV Christmas Special~ All I Want for Christmas is You
I didn't do the whole song so ye.. and Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!! Chuuu~~~
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3D Pixie Edits- Sailor Karina
Here I am in 3D form- Karina, or Sailor Starsprite. I came up with the name because sprite is similar to fairies, and I added star, so thus Sailor Starsprite was born! :D
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Part 19 for collab
Here it is! :)
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My Drawings on PixieHollow
These drawings were made from the computer, and I used the classic "Paint" to make it, too. Please vote on any one of these and the most popular vote will get edited to look super cool! :D
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Christmas Special- Today is Christmas
It is a poem for Christmas. Yeah, sorry some of it doesn't make any sense.. :P Merry Christmas!
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♥Pixie Hollow Friends: Lonely and sad
No mean comments please! And please watch the WHOLE vidoe before commenting, so yeah...
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Pixie Hollow: Lyria's Tale
Enjoy! ♥Made By PixieHollowLounge♥ ~Karina Glittershine♥
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Fantage- Winners for Youtube Video Contest 2013 + Pumpkin Patch
I was in a hurry so I kinda just sped up the video to keep it short soo..
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Trying out vegas world.. FAIL.
Why does Vegas World exist? It's the WORST site I've ever been to EVER. It should become extinct like DownWorld. -_-
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Fantage: Channel Plans
Video says all. :P
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My Fairy Karina Glittershine! (Full Version)
Here's all about me and more in this full edition. It includes favorite games, my profile, game records, special badges, other favorites, and more! Enjoy! :)
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Pixie Hollow- Random Video.. I guess o_o
I was bored o_o
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Fantage- My contest entry
It's finally done! Well, it was done yesterday, but after I saw the video I made a little mistake, so I quickly fixed it today, and re-uploaded it. ^^
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Pixie Hollow: My 3D edit
Here's my best 3D edit yet! I'm a trainee at 3D editing, so I'm still working on editing pictures.. Enjoy! :)
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Part 65 for Dawn's Collab
Part 65 for Dawn's Christmas Collab. "Four Calling Birds" is my part. :)
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Fantage Short Music Video- I'm Blue
I have a lot of blue clothes so I thought -why not?- :- I just needed to make SOME kind of video.. didn't even want to make some music video, so I put in some -lazy- effort into it x.x
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For Amy (AmysOwnPHChannel)
Here's my computer-drawn picture of Amy (AmysOwnPHChannel) to give back for her awesome picture of me.
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ANNOUNCEMENT~~ Making More Videos Soon!
Title and video says all. I really enjoy making videos and want to make more videos, since I didn't a LONG while. Anyways, happy 4th of July! :)
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Collab Part 6 for VenusLover123 *RE-UPLOADED*
Yeah first one I uploaded there wasn't a watermark.. plus a few mistakes, so I fixed it up, here it is! :) (sorry kinda late -.-) Mediafire Link: https://www.mediafire.com/?9px0a6n0rza2uos
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Collab part for IrisSaveTheWhale
Sorry it took so long
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Pixie Hollow Memories: Part 1
OMG I just LOVE that "Dango" song, it just fits in every memory video. ^^ Well, just made some quick edits, showed pictures of my good friends, all in a little package. ^.^
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Speed Drawing
Was bored.. It originally took 11 minutes, but this one is 5 minutes. :) Also rushed a little bit, because Screencast-O-Matic only allowed 15 minutes of video total. :P
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MEP Part 4 for XICanSeeYourHaloX
**I DO NOT OWN ANYTHING** (Except for putting together the clips) Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?mrgwinrbi5ebmai
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Pixie Hollow Fashion News~ February
These are the fashion news at the Pixie Post Office for February. I decided just to do fashion news each time new items come up. Sorry this is kinda late, but here it is! :)
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Part 10 for Snowy's Collab
I have no lyrics so I'm just flying around. :P
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♣Fantage ~"The Chocolate Challenge" Review♥
A review of -"The Chocolate Challenge"-. Can't wait for the next event tomorrow! :) ♥♥♥~Angeleshine
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My new Intro!
I managed to make a cheesy new intro with my new video editor. Hope you like it! :D
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For Sophie Dang
Here's your intro! Hope you like it! To download it, copy this video's url (website link) and paste it in the website below to download. :) http://www.youtubedownloaderonline.com/ If you wanna get Wondershare, here's the link: http://www.wondershare.com/video-editor/
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