Videos uploaded by user “Tony The Go!Animator”
Dab Commercial but it’s badly recreated with a Boogie Board
I have no words No copyright infringement intended.
Jayden escapes community service/Blasts Yesterday's Tango at 3AM/Grounded
This is a Vyond/Go!Animate Video If you like the song "Yesterday's Tango", I respect your opinion, as long as you respect mine. Thanks! This video is my most viewed video as of July 6th, 2018.
FlipaClip: Half The Universe
Comic World Stock Character walks down the street and then he stumbles over something. As he begins to bleed, he disappears into nothing. Who did it? Find out in this video! This is a FlipaClip Video No copyright infringement intended Comic World Stock Character and Thanos submitted by me!
Jayden Gets Grounded Collab
Form: https://goo.gl/forms/tr1Fbx9tD3hdq7EW2
First Snowfall of the year! 🌨
Sorry for not posting anything since my birthday, but here it’s the first snowfall of the year! I do have a concern about snow accumulation which I kinda hate but love to play in. Goodbye Summer, Hello Winter!
How to make me in Gacha Life
All credit goes to NeckoRahx TheSlumpGod for making this for me This is a Gacha Life Video Gacha Tony recommended by NeckoRahx TheSlumpGod
Jayden gets grounded intro!
This is the intro to my new series of grounding videos. Jayden Gunner, a 3-year-old boy, and Caillou Anderson's friend has been misbehaving a lot. So much that I feel the need to record all of it. It's up to Tony Gunner, Erin Destroyer, Sand Destroyer, and Crazyblox Anderson to save the day. I will post the first video of this series later on today. You may add requests but please don't hate because I am just starting my animation career. Credit to Vyond for making the animation program I use, as shown by the watermark at the bottom-left corner of the screen. Intro inspired by RareYellowWUUTBee's old Rosie gets grounded intro.
New Tony Michelis Studios Intro
This Video will play before (Almost) every video I make. If there is a series like "Jayden gets grounded" which has its own intro, this intro will play before the one for that specific show. This is a Vyond video.
Jayden gives his father a rude father's day card on father's day/grounded
This video is late, I had trouble uploading it. This is a Vyond/Go!Animate Video :)
Channel Rules
My Outro
This is the outro for my channel, credit to Vyond for help on this outro.
The worst Plotagon video ever made
Introducing Chrissy. She has a hatred against dabbing. She hates the dab in a burning passion. She explains all about herself! No copyright infringement intended This is a Plotagon Video. Chrissy, and other characters recommended by me
Happy 4th of July and Canada Day!
No Copyright infringement intended This is a Vyond/Go!Animate Video I did this video even though im not american Warning: This video contains loud scenes. I am not responsible for any ear damage caused by this video. Im not sorry

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