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Get Out : Beat Saber
Im sure most of us have heard about hello neighbor. well someone made a beat saber map for it. it took me a while to get and was almost like my next megolovania but its here now
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drunk ikki cry comparision
So whats do you guys think cause I swear the sound similar. not perfect but similar. and the audio was from the episode where mark and cry were drunk playing some ostrich game link to the orginal video in the description .https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3iE-0NWgyhA&t=1512s
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Markiplier slow descent into warfstache
Like the video says its marks slow descent into warfstache. During his stream already today. I thought this was to funny to not have highlighted. The audio and video is not mine and the link to the orginal video is below thanks for watching. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aZODQyWpc1w
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Markiplier christmas charity live stream highlights
first one of these ive done lol. its a little late because I had work some days and just wanting to hang out with my friends on others. But its here now so that's all that matters lol. if you haven't seen the live stream yet then you should go watch it because this only contains a small part of the funny. link below https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6oLX5XjvRjA
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Panic! but its better if you do :Beat Saber
I swear this looks tilted and its bothering me.
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Every time we touch: Beat Saber
Look guys I did a thing! and it was on expert well I could only play this one in expert but I think it wouldn't be good if it wasn't at such a high difficulty. I believe Gangnam style was In expert to but this one was harder. And im proud of my self.
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Cat wine
Guys he's finally done it jumins finally made wine for cats
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Overclocking myself Beat Saber: Miss murder + prelude
surprisingly this only took me two tires to do but dam was I winded afterwards. I literally couldn't catch my breath for 10 minutes.
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Cute monster boys Monstrata Fracture
I found a visual novel (essentially) about dating cute monster boys after your character has stumbled into the realm of paranormal creatures will still being in her own. its currently only a demo at h moment but still fun
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Black Parade:Beat Saber
everyone should know this song. Everyone
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High hopes Beatsaber
im working on something big right now. and If it comes out like I hope it does then I knw you guys are going to love it
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fortnutmares: Fortnight 2
a new mode was re-released for fort night and I love it its so fun!!
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Funny skyrim glitch
I wanna know who told the falmer they can fly
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Connor gets a lead: Detroit become human comic
I treid making a comic because I got the idea in my head and I just simply had to.
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learning the alphabet with Jackseptieye
I made another meme of everyones favorite boy. I worked almost an entire day to make this with out any breaks and will be posting it to my tumblr as well so I hope he can see it. super proud with how it came out.
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Rip Jacks slimes
I had the idea as soon as I saw that spot in his video and just had to. if your somehow watching this jack love your vids. link to orginal video below https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xmXWiDkj3II&t=982s
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Tap tap revenge in vr! Beat Saber 1
What can I say im a sucker for a good rhythm game. and I aboslulety loved this game it was sooo fun.
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SavageBri Spooky scary skeltons
This is the beats video I was talking so much about before in my other video I got the images from google images The Song is by the living tombstones And Undertale itself is by Toby Fox
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meeting more monsters boys
Here we see the other candidates that will be datable for this demo
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Mlg Stickmen animation
Guess what i finished. Its my random mpg stickmen animation that I had to do for class.
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Portal Comerical
This is an old video from my highschool days. Where we had to make a comerical for something and i thought why not this?
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Hungry! meme nagito animation
Just komeada just komeada, just komeada, just komeada, just just komeada, just komeada. I had to make a video with my favorite hope bagel in it and I was gonna add to other charecters but got lazy and didn't want to draw them out but im really happy with how this turned out so its okay lol Thanks you guys for the 50 well now 53 subs and Merry Christmas
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Fall out boy Beats project
This something I made for one of my classes and thought was cool
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My spoopy Boy (never be the same meme)
Yeah this is my spooky boy. Hes my creepy pasta OC. his name is Erik or Deorsa when his other personality takes other. Im a proud papa XD (- if you get this refernce your great btw. I actually do have a story for him but im not gonna put it in the description cause it isn't quite finished yet.
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All The Way :Beat saber
someone mapped this and Im super happy about this. we need more like this its to cool. morte youtuber songs to beat maps please
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Redo :rezero beatsaber
You have to admit that's dam impressive
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Times 50
except its more like times 30 and to mark if you see this someday are you a proud papa know lol
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Im blue Beat saber
yes another beat saber video what can I say I love this game. I will continue to upload more completed songs in the future
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I Screwed Up Mad father 11
Not much to say this time. Just I screwed up Massively
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#relationship goals
I saw another one and I had to From jacks bloopers and outakes 3 link to the orginal below https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iDFqfhPl0Wg&t=216s
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Its a cult agatha knife episode 1
I started a strange new game
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I've bested akinator. Akinator:1
Sorry for the poor audio quality I wanted to test out the record feature akinator has built in it. But forgot my phone has a crappy mic
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Harder Faster Stronger: Beatsaber
not joking I think I pulled an ass muscle doing this part of the way through since I had to redo it at least 5 times before I actually got it but I beat the song. and I just feel a little sore today uploading this so worth it right :)
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Portal Video
Something I made in Video class 2 years ago
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Uncomfy Sitting
Got to give it to mark he did better then I probably would've done but he was right there
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Welcome to the family : beat saber
I finally freakin did it guys. this to long long to do so many attempts and hours put into just trying to do it in a row. now on to beating song of storms remix
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Dry Ice Shengians
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We learn Father's back story Mad Father 7
So it's turns out this is the seventh video. And I just got that wrong earlier during my intro
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Mad father 1 Fluffy bunnies and weird dads
My first let's plays. I forgot to say it in the video but Jacksepticeye also inspired me to do let's plays.
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I literally just found this short animation I had made a while ago. Its not that great but its not horrible either. I would do cooler animations if I knew how but for now heres this lol
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I got a Dino Tuber sim 3
Finally made a shrine: Tuber sim 3
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John Cena of trains
I feel like I haven't made a shit post in a while. So to fix that here you go. Link to the orginal video is below https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-mhrTYkzpDY&t=897s
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it thinks its people :Detroit become memes
just a little Detroit become human shitpost I felt like making audio from jackseptieceyes funniest home videos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5WUWteqojoI
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going on a date with nikolai monstrata fracture
Yes I brought it back hopefully no issues will be had with uploading this one this time. Im sorry its four months late but heres another episode creator chan if your watching.
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Giant dishonered glitch
So I guess this is what happens when you decide to explore after jumping in a puddle lol
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First official vlog: Beats video
What can I say I do like turtles
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Starting my own Cult agatha knife episode 2
I got another longer episode this time for you guys
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Mad father 3 guess what I found
I finally stopped being stupid and figured out how to burn the stupid thing. Sorry for the short video yesterday
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Mad Father 4 :Returning lost eyeballs and technical difficulties
I don't know what I was going on with my recording software that's why it just stops. Sorry about that
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